Friday, April 22, 2011

A Present for the Easter Bunny

I wanted the Easter Bunny to bring us a little something extra.  I hope that this Easter Bunny has some animal friends that may like bird seed.  I think that the Easter Bunny will take this as a deal:

I'm gonna fill the bottles with bird seed so the Easter Bunny can take the sign and show his friends and share the bird seed.  If you don't have bird seed, you can use any kind of food.  But don't use human food cause it won't fit in the containers.  

Since it's Earth Day today, I decided to reuse some plastic containers so I won't throw them away.  

I started by making the sign.  I wrote kind of block words so he could read it a little bit better.  

I colored it in so it would be nice in a spring kind of a way!  Then I taped it to the bottles so it would be kind of a sign and it also has food!  I think that this will be a good craft because it's Earth Day and then it won't liter.  Plus it's good for Easter in 2 days!

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  1. Munchkin! I love this idea. I have never really thought of giving the Easter bunny a gift. Makes sense though. I think my girls and I will try this. I hope the Easter bunny likes your gift! Let us know. :)